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Would you like a portrait of your cat, dog, goat,lizard or other animal companion?

Commission a portrait of your pet in 5 steps:

Step 1. Email today to discuss how you would like to see your pet depicted. We'll talk about things like your pet's personality, possible costuming choices, settings, and the size of the painting.

Step 2. Send me a nonrefundable deposit of $250 and a couple of good photos. I'll need a clear shot of his or her face as you would like it to look in the portrait. Also, if you'd like your pet posed in a certain position, send me a photo of him or her in that position. For certain costuming selections, I may need clear views of the legs, paws, tail, chest, hooves, horns, beak, talons, etc.

Step 3. I paint the portrait. Depending on my workload, this might take a week or a month. We can agree upon a deadline.

Step 4. I'll email you a digital photo of the completed portrait. If you approve it, send a check or money order for the remaining amount. Portraits will be shipped upon receipt of payment. If you are not satisfied with the digital photo, we can discuss any changes you might like.

Step 5. The painting hangs on your wall, delighting all animal lovers who encounter it.

I paint with acrylics, usually on recycled cabinet doors or found pieces of wood. If you need a specific size, I can provide it. Otherwise, your cabinet door will probably be approximately 24 by 18 inches, often with lovely old knobs and hinges still intact. I attach picture hangers and wire in the back so it is wall-ready, no frame required. My standard price is $500 plus UPS shipping. Additional animals in the portrait cost extra. I donate ten percent of art proceeds to House of Dreams, a no-kill cat shelter.


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